Advantages of a Floating Cable Pontoon

The difference between a floating cable pontoon and pontoon jetties can be understandably confusing. After all, they serve the same purpose of providing a stable environment over the water.

However, there’s a distinct difference between the two. A floating cable pontoon uses a floating pontoon to enable it to float well with the tides. Pontoon jetties, on the other hand, are fixed structures made of timber.

While the difference may seem subtle, a floating cable pontoon brings a lot of benefits to the table, including:

 They are durable

Tough and durable materials such as polystyrene and concrete wrapped in HDPE liner or marine-grade aluminium are used with the floating cable pontoon. These water-resistant materials make the cable pontoon a better choice than pontoon jetties.

They offer varied options

Floating cable pontoons come in a wide array of styles, sizes, price points, and fixing options. The variations give you plenty of options suitable to your budget and location. Some of the popular cable pontoons include:

  • Cable pontoons
  • Piled pontoons
  • Strut pontoons

They adjust to any water level

Being able to float provide floating cable pontoons incredible flexibility. It means that they are highly adaptable to any water level conditions. This assures you that your floating cable pontoon, regardless of the water level, will readily adapt to low and high water conditions. The fear of the pontoon becoming submerged at any water level will not happen given its floating capabilities.

They are easy to maintain

The materials and the floating feature of the floating cable pontoon make it easier to maintain than a timber jetty. Opting for a timber jetty means replacing rotting timber and beams down the road. Repairs and maintenance of wooden jetties can become a hefty expense in the long run.

Choosing the floating cable pontoon may also require maintenance, but not as expensive and stressful as that of its wooden counterpart.

They remain safe in all types of weather conditions

The floating capabilities of the floating cable pontoon make them safe to use in all types of weather conditions. It will remain in the water while riding out a storm or in high or low water tide conditions.

They offer a comfortable ride

The wide deck of a floating cable pontoon allows you to do the things you love such as fishing or lolling around. Practicing your fishing skills become safer with the help of a cable pontoon. Even children have ensured safety with the stability provided by the pontoon. The metal grills attached to the pontoon’s edge helps to prevent small children from falling off.

They can accommodate large social gatherings

The spacious space provided by a cable pontoon makes them an ideal entertainment area. Big family celebrations acquire a unique ambience when done on a floating cable pontoon. The strong structure provides stability with the metal grills added safety for all party goers. Entertaining your guests onboard a cable pontoon is not compromised at any time.

Floating cable pontoons have become a popular accessory for many Australian people living near the water. Chilling with family and friends becomes unique when it is done onboard a floating cable pontoon. The strong structure of the pontoon makes it the ideal platform over the water in all types of weather and water level conditions. Use custom built pontoons by Pacific Pontoon.

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