Exhaust Silencers

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Exhaust silencers are placed in a variety of machinery to silence the loud sounds which they emit. These can help change the speed of the exhaust fumes and change the direction of harmful gases as well. Allowing those gases to escape in the outside surroundings.

These exhausts can help control the noise level as well however, it should be kept in mind that a low quality exhaust silencer can have an adverse effect on the machine. It can even lower the life cycle of the machinery. That’s why it’s important to invest in a good quality exhaust silencer.

There are various kinds of exhaust silencers available in the market. Some of these are as follows

Different types of exhaust silencers

  • Multi chamber exhaust silencers provide multiple levels of exhaust pressures to help lower the noise of an engine. This is one kind of exhaust silencer which doesn’t reduce the productivity of the engine.
  • Multi chamber exhaust silencers wok for most engines because they provide maximum sound attenuation and lowest pressure drop.
  • These kind of exhaust silencers provide multiple layers of sound attenuation. An engineer would help you choose the right exhaust silencer for your specific machine
  • Each silencer comes with a series number. The greater the number the higher would be its attenuation.
  • Most factories can use exhaust silencers with a grade 2 rating and for homes and hospitals a higher grade is required
  • Another kind of silencers are the straight through silencers. These kind of silencers are heavy duty and welded together. These silencers have low back pressure requirements.
  • Other kind of silencers are the spark arrestor silencers. These are heavy duty as well. These are constructed from carbon and steel and are very durable. These are covered with heat resistant paint.
  • Plus the spark arrestor silencers come with spark tarps which need to be cleaned occasionally to get rid of the accumulated carbon.

Things to keep in mind when buying exhaust silencers

Buying an exhaust silencer requires deliberation and a bit of knowledge. Taking help from an engineer would help you choose the right silencer. Just make sure you let them know why you require the silencer. There are various reasons why one needs an exhaust silencer. Is it simply to direct proper airflow in the area or you want to lower the noise?

Also make sure that the silencer you buy has the right kind of specifications. The size should be according to the purpose for which it is required. Since there are different levels of attenuation provided by each silencer choose one which serves your purpose. Also make sure that you never compromise on the quality of the silencer. Saving a few dollars might sound like a good idea but if you don’t get the performance you anticipated it would only end up in loss and having to spend more money for the right equipment.