Things to look for in a Gold Coast marina

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Your route along the Gold Coast becomes a great sailing holiday when you choose the Gold Coast marina that meets all your needs and wants. There are many things to consider in your marina selection especially when sailing on your own.

You’ll obviously want to find a Gold Coast marina that has all the amenities you need from a great location, facilities, and staff. Finding a great marina caps out the exciting sailing adventure you’ve had all day.

It’s not an easy task for a boat owner to select a good marina. However, it’s not impossible if you know the things to look out for in your selection.


Location, location, location

Just like everything else, one of the important things to consider is location. Your sailing route is often determined by the location of your chosen marina. It means that location is everything whether you want one in the heart of the city, close to rivers, beaches or waterways, or off the beaten path.

The other parts of your holiday can be helped with the right location. The chosen location can make it easy for you to shop for supplies, plan your activities around the marina or stay within your budget for the rest of your holidays.



One big factor that can affect your choice of a marina is your budget. The season and location are the factors that affect the cost of a marina. Knowing good deals from bad ones can be difficult, given the varying costs of each marina. The best way to go about this is to do your research well. This means that you need to scout around for the price estimates of each marina. Booking in advance needs to be done if you plan to sail during the peak season. This ensures a reserved spot which is a pretty good deal.


Available facilities

A marina can be considered a good one if they offer the following facilities:

  • Safe and clean showers and toilets
  • A dock stocked with pump-out, diesel, and petrol stations
  • Sell bait and ice
  • A safe and clean laundry area
  • Pet-friendly environment
  • Safe and friendly lounging areas for the family
  • Waste disposals that are environmentally-friendly
  • A store stocked full of boat essentials such as accessories, parts, and supplies

Boat-side services

Another important aspect to think about when it comes to the choice of the marina is the dockside services offered. The crucial services should include:

  • A well-maintained boat-side area
  • A mobile pump-out service
  • Cable
  • Waste disposals
  • Dock carts
  • Fast Wi-Fi services


Available maintenance services

The condition of the marina is determined by the available maintenance services, to include:

  • Wax, detailing, and washing services
  • As needed drop-in and haul-out services
  • Painting services
  • Well-trained technicians and mechanics
  • Pressure washing services
  • Fibreglass repair services



A marina is considered good when it offers the following amenities:

  • A nearby picnic or BBQ area
  • Easy and convenient access to grocery stores to purchase needed food supplies
  • Have a bar or restaurant
  • Nearby good restaurants


The list of things to consider in your choice of the marina can be overwhelming. The holidays can be enjoyed to the max when things are planned out with a premier Gold Coast Marina.


Toyota Hilux Canopies- A buying Guide

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Getting a Toyota Hilux Canopy is a major investment. This is why it’s important to buy a canopy which would work well for you and wouldn’t add too much pressure on your budget. If you are an avid camper or an off road tracker there is an option of buying a customized canopy which would be best for your Toyota Hilux. There are several companies which design different canopies which can be customized to suit individual care owner’s needs. All you got to do is do a bit of research.

In order to make sure you get yourself the best Toyota Hilux canopies, keep the following things in mind.

Always buy a Toyota Hilux Canopy from a good company

It is necessary to buy a canopy from a well-known dealer, this is because the canopy is a major investment and can range up to quite a few thousand dollars. If you plan to get the UTE customized to suit your particular needs, the cost can go up pretty quickly. For example sliding doors and windows added to the canopy can increase the cost. Plus if you add other customized equipment prices can escalate pretty fast. This is why its important t choose a company which makes the very best canopies. Get to know if they offer services and maintenance as well. You can check out reviews for different companies which manufacture canopies. You could also ask around if you know someone who owns a canopy which you like. They would be able to guide you to the dealer they got it from.

Get to know your options

You need to be clear about what your requirements are before you purchase a canopy. Do you plan to use it for work purposes or for leisure? Are you an avid camper or looking to transport stuff for your business? If budget is an issue don’t hesitate to make a few compromises and go for what’s available in your budget. There are several pre designed canopies which can be bought for a nominal price. Also keep in mind that canopies at the lower end price range can tend to get pretty heavy and these could actually cost you more in the long run. These would need extra maintenance and your vehicle would require more maintenance.  Things you should keep in mind include

  • How often would you be using the canopy? Would you be using it on a daily basis or for weekly camping trips?
  • Do you often have to perform off road duties? This could cause a great deal of corrosion if the metal is not weather resistant
  • Would you require a chassis mounted or removable canopy? Removable canopies are more versatile and some designs can be easily mantled and dismantled in less than five minutes However, those tend to be a bit more expensive.

Keeping all the above mentioned things in mind would help you get a Toyota Hilux canopy installed without any issues in the future.