Meeting the challenge of tight access excavation

Narrow and tight passageways are construction design challenges that need the right equipment. Very limited passageways in certain worksites to make initial and succeeding excavations have become major problems for both engineers and contractors.

Narrow and tight access excavation has become a familiar scenario as more and more urban homes and offices improve their surroundings by way of extension construction. Notwithstanding, the more extensions they do, the tighter space they occupy.

The challenge now for contractors and engineers alike is to find ways to pass the varied obstacles to start working on the project. A perfect solution has been provided for this dilemma.

It is by using equipment that may be small in size but pack in enough power to efficiently access and work on tight spaces.

Tight and narrow access excavations become possible using a few strategic methods, to include:

Using a mini digger

Tight and narrow passageways can become a confounding problem to do excavations. Mini diggers have become the trendy small equipment that provides the perfect solution. Yet, there are even narrower spaces that even a mini excavator will not be able to access.

Manually excavating a property can be done but not the most efficient way especially when the project calls for a lot of digging. An enterprising way to let the mini digger handle the job is to assemble it on the worksite.

Mini diggers are normally assembled part by part until they become a useful form of machinery. They are usually put together by companies renting them out and transported by a small truck to the worksite.

A small space that cannot allow an assembled mini digger to pass through needs the equipment to be put together on the very area it needs to work on.


Using a crane

A crane is a piece of large and heavy-duty equipment that helps to move medium to heavy materials and equipment to a worksite. It can be parked on the street, and, using its various winches and cables, transport all the heavy materials and equipment to the worksite. Even an assembled mini excavator can be carried by the crane directly to the narrow space.

Construction work becomes quick and easy with a crane doing all the heavy lifting and transporting. The crane is must-have equipment for all medium to large construction projects.


Taking advantage of communicating via radio and cameras

A handheld radio is a useful piece of equipment for any type of construction work. Often, operators of mini diggers are not able to see the work. A co-worker using the handheld radio can guide and instruct the operator on the safest and most proper way of doing the digging. Doing it this way prevents untoward accidents from happening in the worksite.

Cameras, on the other hand, can be utilised to map out the digging construction. Taking a picture of the area before it is worked on provides the work crew an idea about the limited space as well as the construction plans.


Construction work has become challenging as more and more homes and industries utilise all their spaces. However, the challenge is met with the creation of smaller sized pieces of equipment that still packs in power to excavate even on the smallest of spaces and areas. ABC speciliase in tight access excavation. They have a complete arsenal of equipment and experienced operators that enables them to complete any excavation task, no matter how tight or restricted the space may be.






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