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Spring Features And Benefits Of Old Man Emu Suspension

A unique feature with the old man emu suspension springs is that they are engineered for a particular load and vehicle. Mostly, you will come across different types of spring options for your truck. The torsion bars, coil springs, and leaf springs are the best option since they are all feature packed. Below is a discussion of the various parts of the leaf springs and their benefits

Diamond Cut Leaves and Draws Tapered

The shape of the leaf spring is essentially meant to ensure progressive distribution of the load over a large area, which in turn reduces high stresses that occasionally develops at the ends of the leaf. Through this, increased protection and ride quality against the leaf breakage becomes the final result which increases the spring life.

Liners and Bolt Clampers

Bolting of the clamps of the leaf is essentially meant to enhance installation of the remaining leaves when the need arises. The clamps play a vital role in this case as they prevent splaying of the leaves. On the other hand, the anti-squeak liners are necessary for the elimination of the metal contacts between the clamps and the leaves.

Load Tested and Fully Scragged

Scragging can be defined as the process in which the spring get exposed to a load greater than the one experienced in service. As a result, the spring steel is in a position of yielding and adopting a permanent curvature in addition to ensuring that this spring is taking the permanent which is vital in reducing the sagging risk.

Graphite Coating

Graphite coating is essential in reducing the friction that usually exists between the leaves of the spring and the friction pads,

Military Wrap

The main purpose for this design is to add safety in the event the main leaf breaks. Here, the wrap performs its role by holding the spring together.

Anti-Friction Pads

Anti-friction pads can be defined as the nylon interleaf liners which are held responsible for the reduction of friction at the tips of the leaf, the part in which load is taken to be the greatest.

Flat Axle Seat Area

The area performs a substantial role in allowing a positive and safe axle mount. After doing this, the final effect is the reduction of spring stress and an increase in spring life.

Shot Peening

The leaves tension side is shot peened as one way of reducing spring stress. Through this process, the life of the spring gets doubled.

Two-Stage Leaf Pack

You can find this mostly on the rear springs for the provision of optimum comfort. For the unladen case, vehicle riding will take place on the primary stage at a lighter spring rate. On the other hand, the second phase is necessary for the provision of additional support in the event of adding a heavy load.

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