Things to Keep in Mind When Selecting the Right Forklift Tyres

Forklift tyres are one of the fundamental parts that enable forklifts to carry out the operations that they do in different fields. Depending on the nature of the environment in which you operate a forklift, it is wise to take a keen interest in finding the right tyres to ensure maximum efficiency and very little downtime. Here are some of the major factors to consider as you are selecting forklift tyres. We will later explore the most common areas of applications for forklifts.

Seven main things to consider when selecting forklift tyres

Load capacity:

Before getting new forklift tyres, ensure that you have determined the maximum load capacity that they normally lift and choose tyres that can withstand such pressure. This also applies when getting new forklifts, ensure that they are of the right load capacity for your needs.

Surface conditions:

Determining the nature of the surface that the tyres will be moving on as they operate is important as it helps you to determine the type of tyre treads to select, which then helps you to achieve the required traction and stability for your forklift as they carry out their routine activities.

Tyre size:

When replacing your worn-out forklift tyres, ensure that the new ones are of the right sizes and are compatible with the wheels and axles. This enables the forklift to give optimal performance.

Tyre type:

You should also consider the type of tyre to select. Some of the most common types of tyres include pneumatic, solid and cushion tyres. This can be determined by analysing factors such as the load capacity and surface conditions.

Fuel efficiency:

Select the type of tyres that are fuel-economical by finding the ones that offer little friction to the surface thereby encouraging smooth rolling with minimal power.

Driver comfort:

It is important to keep the wellbeing of the forklift’s operator in mind by getting the tyres that give comfort while driving thereby reducing fatigue and increasing the driver’s productivity.

Noise levels:

Some tyres emit a lot of noise as compared to others. So, it is crucial to find the ones that have minimal noise in noise-sensitive areas. This can reduce fatigue in workers and increase productivity.

What are some of the most common application areas of forklifts?

Forklifts have many areas of applications and some are highlighted below:


Forklifts play crucial roles in warehouses by loading and offloading goods and organising them in the warehouse. Nowadays some forklifts have artificial intelligence and can organise the goods in a warehouse without the help of humans.


They play a critical role in distributing raw materials and components to the required places, and also packaging and transportation of finished products to the loading areas.


They are commonly used in terminals for loading and offloading cargo from ships and organising them in the required places as they await to be picked by owners.


They are essential in moving materials, equipment and workers to the required places and heights,  facilitating building projects.

Tyres form the basis for the optimal performance of the forklift, as a result, they should be carefully selected by employing factors like load capacity, surface conditions, tyre size, tyre type, fuel efficiency, driver comfort and noise levels. Some common areas of applications of forklifts include warehouses, manufacturing, ports and construction.

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